MAGNUS PRO Nano Ceramic Window Films products have been designed to protect you from intense heat from the sun and provide protection against injuries and property damages from uncertanties, reinforcing glass and help to hold shards of glass in place upon impact. As a mark of confidence, all MAGNUS PRO Nano Ceramic Window Tint come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Nano Ceramic Tint Layering
Ceramic Window TInt Malaysia


Magnus Pro patented Nano technology including nano-particle size control, nano formulation, and nano coating dramatically improves visibility by preventing light scattering and haze. Magnus Pro Nano Ceramic Tint provides clear vision during nighttime or rainy conditions and will allow you the peace of mind when adverse weather conditions come about or nighttime trips arise. We understand that your life doesn’t pause at night and that driving in the rain is a part of everyday life, so we’ve developed our Car Window Tint to maximize visibility at all times of the day and during adverse weather. The data makes it clear and we’re confident you’ll see the difference too.

Car Window Tint Comparison With Competitor

Superior Heat Injection-icon

Nano Ceramic Window Film 83% Better Than Competitor

No Dyes, No Metals-icon

Window TInt | What Makes it Better Than Competitor

100% UV Resistance-icon

UV Resistance Car Window Film

Privacy Againts Prying Eyes-icon

Privacy Againts Prying

Car Tint That Protect Your Privacy

Advanced Nano Ceramic Technology-icon

Advanced Nano Ceramic Technology

Thermal Conductivity-icon

Thermal Conductivity Ceramic Tint

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